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The second Viva Piñata game for the Xbox 360 invites gamers to return to the magical Piñata Island to continue his/her job as a gardener and to make yet another garden for the island. Unfortunately, not all is well on the island, as Professor Pester and his gang of Ruffians have wiped out Piñata Central’s computer records while attempting to steal the information contained within to overrule the entire island, thus stopping all parties' Pinata deliveries. As a result, all knowledge about piñata species and which piñatas are needed for which parties has been lost, leading to chaos and the slow stop of the island's way of manner. The player is tasked with assisting Piñata Central in rebuilding the database, achieved by enticing specific piñatas to inhabit the garden, filling them with candy, and sending them off to parties around the world and saving the entire partying world.

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise keeps the core mechanics of the original Viva Piñata in place, while supplementing them with several additions. As before, the game is primarily a sandbox title, with players maintaining a garden plot which they can decorate and customize as they see fit. The primary residents of these gardens are living piñata animals who wander the area, eating, sleeping, and even mating with each other. By fulfilling conditions favorable to specific piñata species, players attract members of those species to the garden. In general, the larger and more exotic an animal, the more difficult it is to attract.

In order to give players more choices about how to play the game, the sequel now includes multiple modes:[6]

  • Standard Mode - The primary game mode, which includes challenges from sour piñatas, Ruffians, and other forces.
  • Just For Fun Mode - A mode where players can hop in and immediately begin working on a garden without worrying about running out of money or having to unlock various items. However, certain more exotic piñatas are not available in this mode, nor are Xbox Live Achievements.
  • Contests - Players can enter their piñatas in beauty contests and races, the latter of which requires piñatas to race along a course collecting sweets and avoiding loathers (Pester's evil red bombs)

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